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30,000 fans and counting have signed a petition to leave the name of Miller Park unchanged

A large portion of the fanbase is upset about the looming change

Philadelphia Phillies v Milwaukee Brewers, Game 3 Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of fans are very unhappy that the name of the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium will soon be changing. Some fans are so upset, they’re taking the fight to...the internet!

Dane Zuchman has created a petition for those who oppose the name change on The “Keep ‘Miller Park’ as the official name for the home of the Milwaukee Brewers” already has over 30,000 signatures.

Zuchman states that the petition is an effort to show the companies involved — MillerCoors, the Milwaukee Brewers and American Family Insurance — that this is a mistake that is disappointing fans. He states in the description that:

We need to show these companies that the name “Miller Park” is a staple in the Milwaukee market and is befitting a team called “The Brewers”.

In less than seven hours, the page has 15,000 supporters. Three hours later, there were 25,000.

Like many of the petitions on, it’s highly unlikely this will have any impact. For one, there’s much we do not know about why the agreement was made in the first place. Was it the money? Was MillerCoors itself completely uninterested in renewing its agreement? MillerCoors laid off 350 employees in September of 2018 and went through a major restructuring. At that time, the company was also reporting a major decline in sales.

No matter what the name of the stadium is in 2021, the team playing baseball in the Cream City will still be the Milwaukee Brewers.