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Josh Hader will qualify as a Super Two, joins group of 16 arbitration-eligible Brewers

Despite only 2 years and 115 days of service, Josh Hader will be a Super Two player this year.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Milwaukee Brewers Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers have a number of decisions to make this offseason, but one they were not expecting to make was in regards to Josh Hader. At 2 years and 115 days of service, he was thought to be safely below the Super Two cutoff, as he would have been below it in many other years. However, this year, the cutoff could hit a historical low, and Josh Hader will benefit from it. This morning, Adam McCalvy reports that Hader will be a Super Two player.

This throws a wrinkle into a Brewers offseason plan that already had several tough decisions to make. Hader figured to be a player who would have earned not much more than a league minimum salary for next year. However, with him hitting arbitration a year early, he is in line for a big payday, potentially one that could approach the record for first year arbitration relievers.

Hader is one of 16 Brewers who will be arbitration eligible this offseason. Adam McCalvy has the full list of arbitration players:

In addition, MLB Trade Rumors posted their arbitration estimates earlier today. If the Brewers picked up the options for the two players with them, and gave everyone their projected salary, it would come to $46.475 million. That’s before Josh Hader factors into the projections. However, it’s unlikely every arb player will be tendered a contract, and now, these decisions become a little harder. The Brewers still have time to make their decisions, but there will be some hard ones to make in the coming weeks.