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Brewers won’t retain Carlos Subero, rest of coaching staff will return in 2020

Chris Hook and Andy Haines will see second seasons, while the team moves on from its first base/infield coach

National League Championship Series Game 6: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers

Inconsistent performances and some interestingly vague post-season comments from David Stearns led to some speculation that changes could be coming to the Brewers’ coaching staff, but as it turns out, that’s (mostly) not the case.

The entire coaching staff outside of first base/infield coach Carlos Subero will be back to start the 2020 season, according to Tom Haudricourt. That includes pitching coach Chris Hook and hitting coach Andy Haines, both of whom saw some lack of confidence among fans at times in 2019.

For now, both will get a second season.

Subero has long been a part of the Brewers’ staff, but the Brewers saw inconsistent defensive play from their infielders all season, most notably from Orlando Arcia, who regressed considerably in 2019 — to the point where he may no longer be a lock to be the team’s shortstop long-term.

There’s no word yet on whether the Brewers will fill the position internally, or look elsewhere to fill the role.