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Brewers pitching prospect Braden Webb stepping up to help bullied child

Webb is out to show that everyone’s life matters

Braden Webb

On Oct. 23, a horrendous video went out showing children physically and attacked a student with special needs. His name is Rayden and he has autism, was born deaf in his right ear and is diabetic. The video states that Rayden started showing severe signs of depression, including writing “I want to kill myself” on his arm. The video that went viral is incredibly hard to watch.

Brewers pitching prospect Braden Webb saw this video and wanted to make up for the awful acts of the students attacking Rayden. He called on social media to find out more about Rayden. Webb knew it was important to show Rayden that he has people in his corner.

“It was important to me because no one should feel that hurt to where the feel it’s necessary to kill themselves,” said Webb. “Everyone’s life here matters. And as a Christian I’m supposed to spread love, so I wanted to reach out!”

After a few days, Braden was able to get in touch with Rayden and his family. Both sides were happy to finally get to talk.

“They were just as happy as I was to be able to connect,” said Webb. “They are incredible people and I’m super happy that I get to connect with them and spend time with Rayden when I get home.”

Conveniently, Rayden lives in Webb’s home state of Oklahoma. The two shared a phone call over Skype and Webb had a simple message for him over the phone.

“Hey Rayden, I think you and me are gonna be best buds!”

Now, Rayden and Webb have a meet up scheduled and they plan to make that friendship grow. Webb also worked with the Milwaukee Brewers and New Balance to deck Rayden out in some new threads.

If you want to join in this momentous act of kindness, there’s a GoFundMe for Rayden. It will cover his medical bills and counseling. Visit this link for more information.