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Turn back the clocks: reversing one move made by the Milwaukee Brewers in last decade

Some daylight saving time fun to start the offseason

Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Last night, we rolled back the clocks an hour for daylight savings time. As we move the dial back, what if we rolled back one move the Milwaukee Brewers made over the last decade?

It hass been an incredibly busy decade for Milwaukee, and perhaps the most successful in org history. They’ve made the playoffs three times, made dozens and dozens of trades, completed a rebuild, had two GMs, several coaches, and so on.

A few rules before we get started:

  • It had to have happen between the 2010 offseason (starting after the 2009 season) and now.
  • It cannot be a move the franchise didn’t make. For instance, “They didn’t sign a starter before 2019” or “They didn’t keep Wade Miley” doesn’t count. It has to be an active move by the Brewers’ front office.
  • Trades, options, DFAs, cuts and signings are all up for discussion. Hate the Matt Garza signing? Put it in! Hate a draft pick? Reverse it and tell us who you wish we took instead. Just make it realistic, if you reverse a draft pick, replace it with someone who was actually available to the Brewers at their spot.
  • Finally, you can’t piece apart trades. So don’t say “Leave Jordan Yamamoto out of the Yelich trade.” That’s assuming Miami would make the trade without that piece. If you reverse a trade, every part of it gets reversed.

I’ll get us started:

Signing Kyle Lohse. I don’t look back on this move like a lot of people do. Lohse was a good pitcher for the Brewers for two seasons, but by signing Lohse, the Brewers did nothing to move forward and stalled a much needed rebuild. Milwaukee’s roster was no longer a youth-filled plethora of 60+ OFP talent prospects. The signing dropped a draft pick from a farm system craving talent and kept the team winning just a few too many games. Add in that Mark Attanasio was reportedly much more to blame for this than GM Doug Melvin and it makes it even that much more frustrating. I appreciate Lohse’s success and role in helping younger talent develop, but it was a stalling move that kept the Brewers from going where they needed to go to be better in the future.

Your turn! Comment down below and let us know how you feel.