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Milwaukee Brewers sign Jace Peterson to minor league contract

The veteran infielder also gets an invite to camp

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers announced that they have signed Jace Peterson on a minor league deal with an invite to Major League Camp.

The 29-year-old Peterson has played six Major League seasons across six teams. He spent 2019 with the Baltimore Orioles. A majority of the season was at the AAA level, where he hit .313/.398/.512 with 10 homers in 90 games. Peterson only got in 108 plate appearances and hit just .220/.269/.330 with a 55 wRC+.

Peterson has played every position on the field except for catcher during his Major League career. He’s not a very good defender at any one position, but also isn’t miserable. Most of his experience has come at second base, where he’s a net-negative defender in most major categories.

All in all, Peterson is a low risk, veteran player. He can provide solid offense at AAA and help lead the younger players there. If worst comes to worst and the team needs a utility player, he can adequately play the field. The only concern would be if he were to get significant playing time on the roster, but weirder things have happened than a six-year veteran suddenly finding his swing.