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Three Brewers prospects land on the FanGraphs’ top-132 prospects

Hiura, Lutz and Ray make the list out of the Brewers’ farm

Minor League Baseball: Arizona Fall League-All Star Game Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs has released its top-132 prospects for the 2019 season and three Milwaukee Brewers farmhands have landed on the list. We’re breaking down the lucky Brewers, their tool grades and summarizing just how FanGraphs feels about the players coming out of the lower levels of the Menomonee Valley.

13. Keston Hiura, 2B

Tool Grades (Present/Future)
Hit 50/60 | Game Power 45/60 | Run 45/45 | Fielding 45/50 | Throw 45/45

In at 13 overall is the Brewers’ consensus top prospect, Keston Hiura. The short summary of Hiura is as follows:

Hiura has one of the best hit/power combos in the minor leagues, and it looks like he’ll be able to play a solid second base.

FanGraphs says that Hiura poses a rare combination of bat control and bat speed. Those tools help project Hiura to be a well above average hitter in the future. They warn that he has tendencies, like an aggressive approach and inconsistent timing mechanisms, that could cause him to be streaky. The defense is “unspectacular” but the tools should lead to adequate ability at second overall. At the end of his summary, they specifically state that they believe Hiura is an All-Star second baseman.

After each player, FanGraphs gives an estimation of each player’s potential value. Hiura is given more of a chance for a 50/55 future value and, not very far behind is a 60/65 grade. Both hover above 25%. Bust is the next most likely outcome, with just under 20% likelihood.

97. Tristen Lutz, RF

Tool Grades (Present/Future)
Hit 30/45 | Game Power 40/60 | Run 50/45 | Fielding 40/45 | Throw 60/60

Lutz gets exceptional marks for FanGraphs for his power. They say that his strength is so great, it can cover for other holes in his hitting ability. Lutz could use some improvement when it comes to bat control, but he should still be a quality offensive weapon that can justify being in a corner outfield spot.

123. Corey Ray, CF
Tool Grades (Present/Future)
Hit 30/40 | Game Power 45/50 | Run 70/7- | Fielding 40/45 | Throw 40/40

The odd thing about FanGraphs’ grades on Ray is it is the lowest value I’ve seen placed on his defense. Much like the other lists, Ray gets knocks for his swing-and-miss problems and selling out his hit tool for more power. The low marks on defense come from Ray’s poor defensive instincts. Still, they say there’s a path to success, comparing Ray to Chris Taylor who was a 3 WAR player last year.