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Planning Your Life Around the 2019 Milwaukee Brewers Season

The season is about to begin, and it’s time to get your schedule set up for the next eight months.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game 1 Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The regular season for the Milwaukee Brewers is about to begin, and it’s time to get your life set up for the season. With all 162 games to be televised this year, watching each game is easier than before. Let’s look at how the schedule shakes out this year.

First of all, let’s look at some of the longest streaks of the year.

Longest Streak of Games in a Row
18 Games (September 5-22)

Last year, the Brewers had a more friendly September in terms of schedule, with off days every Thursday, allowing their pitchers to get some guaranteed rest each week. This year, the Brewers longest streak happens at the end of the year, making it a bit tougher. The good news is 11 of those 18 games happen at home, Beyond that, the longest string of games in a row is 13, which happens a few times during

Longest Road Trip
10 Games (May 10-19)

The Brewers have one long road trip this year, taking place in May with three stops (Cubs, Phillies, Braves). It is looking like a brutal trip early in the season, one which will test this team. There is also a nine game trip later in the season, July 30 to August 7. This one is a little more friendly (Athletics, Cubs, Pirates). The Brewers do have one other road trip longer than a week taking place in June, with eight games on the road in this one (Astros, Giants, Padres).

Longest Home Stand
10 Games Twice (April 29-May 8, June 20-30)

On the other side, the Brewers gets two ten-game homestands this season. Both occur before the All-Star Break. The first one features three out-of-division opponents (Rockies, Mets, Nationals), and the second is two division opponents sandwiched around an interleague opponent (Reds, Mariners, Pirates). Those are the only two homestands this year that will keep the Brewers at home for over a week.

West Coast Road Trips
April 8-14 (3 @ Angels, 3 @ Dodgers)
June 14-19 (3 @ Giants, 3 @ Padres)
July 18-21 (4 @ Diamondbacks)
July 30-August 1 (3 @ Athletics)

While this doesn’t necessarily fall into a streak, it’s always good to know when the west coast trips happen because they means later nights to sit up and watch the Brewers. It’s a little extra important this year with the Brewers playing the AL West in interleague play. The first comes up during the second full week of the season, with a trip to Los Angeles to face both teams out there. Five of those six games have start times at 8 pm or later. The next trip is in June, though this one is a little nicer with only 3 evening games during the trip, all with start times after 9 pm. There’s two more short trips after that in July, each with two games starting late. (There is also a trip to the Rockies to end the season, but all the games in this series start at 7:10 pm at the latest.)

Next up, here’s the breakdown of home and away games each month.

Home/Road by Month

  • March: 4 Home, 0 Away
  • April: 12 Home, 15 Away, 3 Off
  • May: 13 Home, 14 Away, 4 Off
  • June: 16 Home, 10 Away, 4 Off
  • July: 12 Home, 13 Away, 6 Off
  • August: 11 Home, 15 Away, 5 Off
  • September: 13 Home, 14 Away, 3 Off

The Brewers do spend more days away from home most months, but it’s not very significant. The second half of the season does have more road games than home, with 36 home games over the last three months compared to 42 road games.

Finally, let’s look at games by time and day of the week. For reference, here are the start times for each group:

  • Morning: Before noon
  • Early Afternoon: Noon to 3 pm
  • Late Afternoon: 3 pm to 6 pm
  • Early Night: 6 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Late Night: 8:30 pm or later


  • 23 Early Afternoon
  • 3 Late Afternoon
  • 1 Early Evening

As usual, most games on Sunday are in the afternoon. There’s one evening game currently scheduled, a mid-May game against the Cubs. A few more could be added if the Brewers are playing well enough.


  • 8 Off Days
  • 2 Late Afternoon
  • 14 Early Evening
  • 2 Late Evening

Monday is one of the two days where it’s generally safe to have other plans. The Brewers have the day off eight times on Monday. Other than that, it’s mostly evening games, with a few starting in the late afternoon.


  • 1 Off Day
  • 2 Late Afternoon
  • 21 Early Evening
  • 2 Late Evening

As usual, Tuesdays are packed, with the only off-day happening during the All-Star Break. Plenty of action happening on these days.


  • 3 Off Days
  • 1 Morning
  • 9 Early Afternoon
  • 1 Late Afternoon
  • 10 Early Evening
  • 2 Late Evening

Wednesday also tends to be packed, but this year it’s a little better. Due to some two-game series, there’s a few additional Wednesdays where the team has a day off. This also tends to be a travel day, so there’s more games earlier in the day as a result.


  • 12 Off Days
  • 1 Morning
  • 8 Early Afternoon
  • 1 Late Afternoon
  • 4 Early Evening
  • 1 Late Evening

Thursday nights are a good time to get away for the night. There are only 5 evening games on Thursdays this season, and 12 of 27 Thursdays are completely cleared.


  • 3 Early Afternoon
  • 21 Early Evening
  • 3 Late Evening

Friday is similar to Tuesday, in that there’s almost always an evening game going on. The only exception are the three trips to Wrigley Field this year, where Friday afternoon games are the standard.


  • 3 Early Afternoon
  • 6 Late Afternoon
  • 18 Early Evening

Saturdays are busy as well, though most games happen in the evening due to national TV times. Of course, there are still three early afternoon games here too, all corresponding to Wrigley Field trips.

That’s it for the Brewers 2019 schedule. Hopefully this will help you figure out your year as the Brewers work to defend their NL Central title.