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Craig Kimbrel moving closer to decision, per report; Brewers remain in touch with his representatives as well as Dallas Keuchel

Dare we dream!

League Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game Three Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Another day and another report inquiring about the landing spots of Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel. Most of the reports are speculative and based on perceived needs of teams by various sports pundits. However, Jon Paul Morosi intimates in the title of his latest piece that there is one team that is interested in and reported to be linked to both pitchers. That team is our own Milwaukee Brewers.

As Morosi indicates the Brewers have had communication with David Meter (Kimbrel’s agent) and Scott Boras (Keuchel’s agent). If one of these two pitchers were to come to Milwaukee, it would represent a significant upgrade for the pitching staff. The remote possibility that both come to the Brewers gets the head spinning with what might be.

The Brewers have been beset with injuries to their pitching staff. Knebel is gone for the year. Who knows what Jeffress provides at this juncture? Now Freddy Peralta is going to the injured list. Kimbrel to the bullpen allows Craig Counsell to utilize Josh Hader in a similar fashion to last year. If Jeffress comes back to form and Junior Guerra remains effective, that bullpen is as strong as ever. FYI, the article by Morosi indicates the Brewers will be more inclined to sign Kimbrel if Jeffress does not come back strong. Kimbrel is looking for something in the neighborhood of 3-years and $39-52 million. Are those dollars and years palatable to the Brewers? If they were, would there be enough to get Keuchel too?

It is said that Dallas Keuchel is willing to sign for a one-year deal. Placing the former Cy Young award winner into the rotation offers the Brewers something they just just haven’t had in a long time, a horse that will eat innings and do it well. That helps the bullpen. His experience will help the young pitchers as well. If Jimmy Nelson were to come and be effective, all of a sudden, this pitching staff looks like a strength.

To get both they would have to give up more than money. However, they would not have to give up as much as other teams that would be interested. That is because they’ve already given up their compensatory pick for Alex Claudio and their third round pick for Yasmani Grandal. With that in mind, to get get one of them, the Brewers would have to give up a fourth round draft pick. To get both, they would have to give up the fourth rounder and their fifth round draft pick. That is an advantage that other teams just don’t have.

Rest assured that I am not crazy enough to actually think both would come to Milwaukee. But you better believe I am hoping they do. What a coup that would be. It would be almost as good as that day Lorenzo Cain signed his big contract and Christian Yelich came via trade.