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Somehow, 40% of respondents are still okay with intentionally drilling a batter

Come on, y’all. Be better.

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I’m all about letting the kids play, as MLB has put it in their recent ad campaign. I think it’s a lot of fun watching a player launch a home run and flip his bat in celebration while running out of the box, or taking a slow trot around the bases while basking in the glory of his mammoth dinger. Conversely, I love watching a pitcher get hyped up after a big strikeout or play made. Fernando Rodney with the arrow, Jeremy Jeffress with his strut, give me all of it.

But not everyone is a fan of these emotionally charged, fun moments during the course of a game. Some players — mostly pitchers — don’t like it when their feelings get hurt after they do something bad like serve up a high, majestic home run shot and a guy flips his bat out of the box. In order to get ‘payback’ for the perceived slight, sometimes they hurl potentially deadly projectiles at speeds in excess of 90 MPH at a batter in an attempt to cause them physical pain as retribution for the emotional pain inflicted by being ‘shown up.’

That’s objectively wrong. Execute your pitch! A majority of SB Nation FanPulse voters agree with me, however there still seems to be a large minority who are living in the dark ages on this one. Get with it, y’all.

In other FanPulse voting, 100% of the fans of the Milwaukee Brewers remain confident in the job that Craig Counsell is doing as manager. However, the team’s recent swoon — they are losers of 11 of their last 16 games, dropping their record to an even 13-13 — has diminished some of the confidence in the direction of the team. After polling at 98% on Opening Day and 100% each of the last three weeks, confidence in Milwaukee’s direction has dropped down to 87%.

Are fans of our Cream City Nine discouraged by the struggles of the pitching staff? Lacking confidence in Slingin’ David Stearns’ ability to patch up the holes in the roster created by injuries and poor performance? Are we losing hope in the ‘young guns’ figuring it out?