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Adrian Houser announced as Brewers starter for Tuesday’s game, Freddy Peralta to follow

The Brewers will send out Adrian Houser to start Tuesday’s game, and Freddy Peralta will also pitch.

Milwaukee Brewers Photo Day Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The Brewers had left their starter for Tuesday’s game as TBD, as they were not sure if they would commit to Freddy Peralta for another start following his previous start on Thursday. After tonight’s win against the Nationals, the Brewers did make their plans official for Tuesday’s game. According to Adam McCalvy, it will be Adrian Houser getting the start for the Brewers, but Freddy Peralta will also pitch in the game.

There had been some speculation that the Brewers would go with an opener before tonight’s game, but manager Craig Counsell didn’t commit to that, saying it would depend on the pitching status after the game. The Brewers did use four relievers tonight, but were able to leave Houser untouched, giving them the opportunity to use him to start the game tomorrow. Houser last pitched on Saturday in the eighteen inning game against the Mets, pitch 1.1 innings with just 1 walk allowed. Houser has also made a start earlier this year, allowing five runs against the Cardinals on April 22.

No details were given on how the Brewers would use Houser and Peralta. This may end up coming down to how Houser pitches to start the game. If he has a quick, effective first inning, the Brewers could choose to let him go for a few innings before bringing Peralta in. If Houser has a rough first inning, Peralta could come in sooner. It could also be a situation where they are going to commit to a number of innings for Houser before the game even starts and stick to it unless something goes extremely wrong.

The Brewers have shown that they will approach the starting rotation in unconventional ways when necessary to win games, and this would fall into that category. The Brewers are being up front about their plans by saying that both Houser and Peralta will pitch, but how they will be used is still up in the air. Houser could be an opener for an inning, or it could be a tandem situation with the two of them taking most (if not all) of the innings in a game. Either way, it should be an interesting game tomorrow as the Brewers try to win their fifth game in a row.