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Meet Brock Begue, 11th-round pick of the Milwaukee Brewers

He can't feel half his body, but that's normal for him.

Brock Begue
Brock Begue

With their pick in the 11th-round of the 2019 MLB Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers took Brock Begue from Cuyahoga Community College. The lefty dominated during his JuCo career. He’s gone somewhat viral for being drafted despite suffering several medical episodes as a child that caused him to lose all feeling on the right side of his body.

Regardless of his challenges, Begue has built an admirable career and comes to the Milwaukee org ready to compete. Before starting his professional life in Colorado, he spoke with me about getting drafted, the challenges he’s faced and what he does for fun.

Brad Ford: What was it like being drafted?

Brock Begue: It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. I know I was actually in the weight room when I got the call that I was becoming a Brewer and it was just one of the best moments of my life up to this point.

Brad: Who did you tell first?

Brock: Right when I got off the phone, I called my dad. He knew before I told him, but he was just so happy for me, especially because I’ve had this dream since I was about 10 years old.

Brad: Did you expect to get drafted? I knew you had already committed to a new college.

Brock: The way I’ve been talking with my advisor ahead of the draft, I knew that I had a good chance of getting drafted, I just didn’t know it’d be this early, in the 11th round.

Brad: Did you know the Brewers wanted to draft you?

Brock: Yes, I did. I just went to a camp up there for a couple weeks. I knew they were really high on me before that. I knew they were really interested, I just didn’t know how late they would take a pick on me.

Brad: You had some medical difficulties as an infant that made it so you cannot feel on one side of your body. Do you feel that has impacted you at all?

Brock: It’s really hard to explain. I know I have no feeling, but I’ve had this since I was born. It’s been normal to me and I just go with it. I know, I really am just so comfortable that it really doesn’t bother me from a pitching standpoint.

Brad: You’ve had a dominant career at Junior College, what do you think sets you apart on the mound?

Brock: I feel that my confidence on the mound, no matter who I’m facing, that’s who I’m facing, whether I am better or not, I believe that I’m the best player out there. I believe that that’s a huge part of what makes me so successful is my confidence on the mound.

Brad: What’s your self-scouting report?

Brock: I’m a fastball, slider, changeup. My velocity ranges from 88 to 92. I my best pitch is probably my fastball. Also, I think my slider is decent. Once I become a professional, they’ll be able to help me with that. I think I have a good slider now, but once I get a great slider, I believe I’ll be way more effective than I am now.

Brad: Is there a player you model yourself after?

Brock: It was Clayton Kershaw.

Brad: What’s your biggest career accomplishments to this point, besides being drafted?

Brock: I recovered from a torn ACL in just three and a half months to play my senior year of baseball.

Brad: Is there anything else you need to work on to get you to the Bigs?

Brock: I think being able to locate all of my pitches wherever I want, whenever I want. I know I can locate all of my pitches, but sometimes I’ll locate it in the wrong spot or something. If I’m able to place every single on of my pitches where I want, I feel that will help me progress.

Brad: What do you like to do on your off days?

Brock: On my off days, I usually lift or throw. I also like to hang with friends or shoot some basketball, or play Fortnite.

Brad: How do you do on Fortnite?

Brock: Not well.

Brad: Me either. I can’t do the building and the shooting. I can shoot, but I can’t build.

Brock: See, I can build a little bit. Once I get to building, I forget that I need to shoot and a guy sneaks up on me.

Brad: What’s your favorite music?

Brock: Rap.

Brad: Warm-up song?

Brock: “Wish I Had It” by Kevin Gates.

Brad: What’s your binge TV show?

Brock: Either Blue Mountain State on Netflix or Rick and Morty on Hulu.

Brad: What do you know about Wisconsin?

Brock: Not much, whooph. I don’t think I know anything about it besides for all the sports teams.