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Game Thread #69: Milwaukee Brewers (39-29) @ San Francisco Giants (28-38)

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Zach Davies gets the first start in the Giants series for the Brewers.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

After a split in Houston, the Brewers are off to the West Coast, spending a week there to face both the Giants and Padres. The Giants are up first, and they’ve been going through another rough season as they are looking to rebuild their team. Zach Davies will be up first, looking to put up a better outing then his previous start against the Pirates. He’ll face Drew Pomeranz, who had a scoreless appearance in his last start but has allowed at least two runs in his five starts before that.

Here’s the starting nine for the Brewers for tonight’s game:

Meanwhile, here’s the starting nine for the Giants: