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Milwaukee Brewers sign first-round draft pick Ethan Small

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He’ll report to Arizona and then come back to Wisconsin

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Auburn vs Mississippi State Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers have officially signed first-round pick LHP Ethan Small.

The Brewers took Small 28th overall in the 2019 draft earlier this month. Both sides couldn’t reach an immediate agreement because Small was pitching for Mississippi State in the College World Series. After Mississippi State was eliminated last week, he was able to ship out to Cream City and mark his Herbie Hancock on his first pro contract.

The former Mississippi State lefty was a dominating presence during his final college season. His calling card is his 89-92 mph fastball that he hides exceptionally well to keep hitters from barreling up. Small also throws an average changeup that could become above average as he develops. The curveball is his third pitch, which should be useful but not a dominant pitch by any means. More on his profile can be found here.

Once he finishes visiting the Milwaukee Nine, the Brewers are sending Small to Arizona for a few weeks. After he’s finished there, the Brew Crew faithful can get an up-close look at Small at Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games.

Small’s reportedly signing for $1.8 million, which would be around $700,000 under slot. That money can now be used to sign other draftees that haven’t agreed to their deals. Milwaukee also saved just under $100,000 when signing fourth-rounder Nick Kahle. According to Gabe Holt in our interview with him earlier this month, he plans to sign for around $250,000 over his signing pool, so we know that is already taken. The Brewers did draft a few high-profile high school players — namely Myles Austin and Carter Rustad — who could be locked up with the savings Milwaukee has.

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