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Meet Gabe Holt, 7th-round pick of the Milwaukee Brewers

The speedster from Texas Tech apparently has a verbal agreement already in place.

Gabe Holt
Gabe Holt

In the 7th-round of the 2019 MLB Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers selected speedy Texas Tech outfielder Gabe Holt. According to evaluators, Holt has plus-plus speed and has above average contact skills. We talked to Holt about his experience being drafted and joining the Brewers organization.

Brad Ford: Gabe, what was it like being drafted?

Gabe Holt: I honestly didn’t think I was going to go after I dropped past the fourth round, so I stopped paying attention to the draft and I went to practice. I am a draft eligible Sophomore, so I have leverage and could have come back for my junior year. We are still playing college baseball and preparing for super regionals, so I told my advisor to handle anyone else that calls. We were allowed to have our phone on us at practice and I got a call from my agent saying the Brewers would go over slot and pay $450K, which was close enough to my number, so I said yes and it was an awesome feeling knowing I am able to play at the next level and be a step closer to playing in the bigs. I was with my teammates they were happy for me.

Brad: After you celebrated with your team, who did you tell?

Gabe: My family already knew because they kept watching the draft when I went to practice, but I told my boy Cameron Warren. He is a teammate who I’m pretty close with and he wasn’t in the room when I celebrated with my other teammates.

Brad: Did you know Milwaukee was interested in you?

Gabe: That was one team I actually didn’t talk to much so it was kind of weird how it worked out but, in the end, I’m glad it did.

Brad: Have you signed and, if so, where are you headed?

Gabe: I have not signed yet because I am still playing college ball. We are trying to get back to the College World Series with two wins this weekend. I will go to Colorado.

Brad: What sets you apart as a player?

Gabe: The hours that I put in to get to where I am. I’m not satisfied with just getting drafted, now I wanna get to the bigs.

Brad: What’s your strongest attribute as a hitter?

Gabe: I would easily say my speed and my ability to put the ball in play pretty much every time I go to the plate.

Brad: You’ve played all over defensively. Where do you think you fit best?

Gabe: I believe I will fit best in center field, but I like playing second base. Wherever the Brewers need me to play, I feel like I can play. I do feel like, with my speed and me putting in hours this past fall to get better in the outfield, I would fit best in center field.

Brad: What can we find you doing on a day off?

Gabe: Just hanging out with my girlfriend or with my roommates. Sometimes I enjoy playing video games. Nothing crazy, I just relax.

Brad: What video games do you play?

Gabe: I play MLB The Show and a lot of Call of Duty.

Brad: What’s your favorite type of music and which artist do you enjoy listening to most right now?

Gabe: I like country music. I don’t really have a favorite artist, just a lot of the new country music.

Brad: What’s you walk-up music?

Gabe: Sunset by Kid Ink and Drip Too Hard by Lil Baby and Gunna. I don’t like country music as my walk-up songs, haha.

Brad: If you’re binging something on like Hulu or Netflix, what are you binging?

Gabe: Queen of the South.

Brad: What was your reaction when Taylor Floyd was drafted to the Brewers?

Gabe: I was excited. It made me feel way better knowing I have someone else beside me going through the process and that I have someone I am close with. He was super excited. That was a huge reason he chose the brewers because he knew we would be teammates again.