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A Brewers blowout? Let Hernan pitch!

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Now featuring impersonations!

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The Milwaukee Brewers are a good team, currently in the middle of a run of success that began three seasons ago in 2017. But, as is the nature of the game of baseball, sometimes even good teams get blown out. Our beloved Cream City Nine is no exception. And when debacles like Wednesday’s 16-0 loss to the Marlins happen, it can mean only one thing:

Hernan Perez now has six pitching appearances under his belt, all in blowout losses. He debuted a new wrinkle during his latest scoreless outing, ducking into the clubhouse mid-game to look up funny deliveries on YouTube before performing spot-on impressions of Bronson Arroyo and Alex Claudio. Perez wanted to provide the fans who stayed with a little bit of fun and lift the spirits of his defeated teammates, and he undoubtedly succeeded!

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