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MLB releases 2020 schedule; Brewers to open at home against Cubs

The Brewers will open against the Cubs and Cardinals to start 2020.

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

While there’s still plenty of games to play this season, the preparation for 2020 is now underway. Earlier today, MLB released the schedule for all 30 teams in the league. The Brewers schedule came out with that, and they will open their schedule on Thursday, March 26 at home against the Cubs. After a scheduled off day, the Brewers will then play the Cubs two more times in that opening weekend. The Brewers then host the Cardinals for their second home series before going on the road for their first road trip, a five-game trip to Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

Here are some of the highlights from the schedule:

  • The Brewers get the first two Fridays of the season off and don’t play a Friday game until April 10. While it’s not unusual for teams to have a scheduled off day after their home opener in case of a rainout, it is unusual for the Brewers to have that off day scheduled, especially considering that there’s no risk of a rainout. They will also get another Friday off on May 29 before a two-game weekend series.
  • Next season is a trip through the AL East for interleague play. The Brewers will host the Yankees (May 19-21), Blue Jays (June 22-24), and Rays (July 7-8). They will travel to the Rays (May 30-31), Red Sox (June 5-7), and Orioles (September 11-13). They also will have their usual series against the Twins, on the road June 16 & 17 and at home August 25 & 26.
  • If the Brewers want to make their mark in the division, they will need to do as much as they can before September. They only have 11 games against NL Central opponents that month, a big deviation from previous years where the September schedule is packed with division opponents. One of the biggest quirks in the schedule: The last Brewers-Cubs game during the regular season next year will be on August 9. It won’t be an easy September, though, with a series against the Dodgers and the Braves, as well as an ending road trip to the Giants.
  • The longest homestand of the season will be a nine-game homestand May 19-28 against the Yankees, Cubs, and Giants. They also get to play 12 home games in 17 days in September, with just a three-game trip to Baltimore in there (as well as two off days).
  • The longest road trip is a nine-game trip early in the season, April 17-26 against the Mets, Pirates, and Rockies. There is one other three-city trip, an eight-game trip to the Rays, Nationals, and Red Sox (May 30-June 7).

The full schedule is up now on the Brewers website. Take a look and let the anticipation begin towards the 2020 season, but not too much. There’s still a month and a half of the 2019 season to play out first.