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Rally around the Brewers as they try to Win It For Yeli

The Brewers are making a run to the playoffs without their MVP.

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After treading water for most of the 2019 season, the Milwaukee Brewers are making one of their patented September charges and are right in the thick of the playoff chase. But they’ll have to try and play their best baseball of the year without their best player. Christian Yelich will miss the rest of the season after breaking his kneecap on a foul ball, bringing a premature end to another MVP-caliber year and arguably the best offensive season in franchise history.

“We’ll try to find a way to get it done without him,” Lorenzo Cain said after his teammate was struck down by the freak injury. Ryan Braun has been wearing Yelich’s jersey under his own “to bring the good vibes” and he homered with it, rounding the bases and flashing a ‘2-2’ symbol with his hands as a call-back to his close friend. The Brewers are trying to Win It For Yeli, and fans on Twitter have started to rally around the hashtag #WinItForYeli.

Christian Yelich went down, but his Milwaukee teammates are picking him up. Win it for the double-deuces!

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