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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Gyorko signing, Hader arbitration, and Brad’s Conspiracy Corner

What does the Jedd Gyorko signing say about the Brewers’ offseason and how they’re building the roster? How does their offseason so far stack up against the rest of the division?

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

After a quiet few weeks, David Stearns and the Brewers gave us plenty to talk about over the last week.

Episode 122 (or Episode 1 of the New Era) of the Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast covers the Jedd Gyorko signing, the use of platoons, and where the signing fits into the Brewers’ offseason as a whole.

Also covered: Craig Counsell’s extension, Josh Hader’s potentially record-breaking arbitration case, how the Brewers’ offseason puts them in the NL Central race -- especially compared to the Cincinnati Reds’ active winter -- and the introduction to Brad’s Conspiracy Corner.

You can listen here, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and just about everywhere else you can listen to podcasts. Don’t forget to leave a rating and review to help other fans find the podcast.

(Side note: audio quality on my end should be cleared up a little by next week, as I wait for equipment to arrive. Luckily, you don’t have to listen to me much.)