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Here are the contract details for Jedd Gyorko’s deal with the Brewers

It includes an escalating option and plenty of incentives.

St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers inked Jedd Gyorko to a one-year pact with a club option a few days ago, but at that time, the only details that were reported was that Gyorko will earn a $2 mil base salary in 2020. Leave it to intrepid reported Robert Murray to dig up previously unknown elements, however, as earlier this afternoon the former Athletic beat writer revealed the exact structure of Gyorko’s contract.

Per Murray, Gyorko will earn at least $3 mil guaranteed from Milwaukee — a $2 mil base salary for 2020 as well as a $1 mil buyout of a club option for 2021. The base price of the 2021 option is $4.5 mil, but that can increase based on how much playing time Gyorko earns this coming season. If he accrues a minimum of 400 plate appearances, the value of the option jumps up to $5.5 mil. If Jedd makes 500 trips to bat in 2020, the option escalates to $7 mil.

Furthermore, Gyorko is eligible for myriad incentives in 2020 based on his playing time and performance. He can earn up to an additional $1.5 mil if he achieves 500 plate appearances — $100K for reaching 300 PA, another $200K once he crosses 350 PA, $300K after 400 PA, $400K after he surpasses 450 PA, and finally an additional $500K bonus by reaching that 500 PA mark. He can also earn an additional $100K by winning the Most Valuable Player award ($75K for a second place finish or $50K for third place), $50K for Comeback Player of the Year, $50K for earning a spot on the All Star team, $50K for winning the Hank Aaron Award, and $50K for a Silver Slugger.

As the depth chart stands right now, Gyorko figures to begin the year in on the weak side of a platoon with Eric Sogard at third base, so he will need a lot of factors to fall in his favor in order to maximize his option and incentive package.