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Brewers announce promotional schedule, including "Decade Weekends" to celebrate 50 years in Milwaukee

Five Decade Weekends promise excitement and promotional giveaways

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 2020 season marks the 50th season of the Milwaukee Brewers. To celebrate there will be five different Brewers Decade Weekends that highlight and honor a different era in Brewers lore. Each Brewers Decade Weekend promises fun and excitement that includes giveaways, special alumni appearances, decade-inspired theme nights, throwback uniforms, and in-game features.

Some of the 50th anniversary and other promotions include:

1970’s T-shirt giveaway - April 10

Hank Aaron Booblehead - April 12

1980’s T-shirt giveaway - May 1

Paul Molitor Bobblehead - May 3

Christian Yelich 40-HR Bobblehead - May 10

Lorenzo Cain Bobblehead - June 14

50th Anniversary T-shirt giveaway - June 26

Bob Uecker ‘Talking’ Bobblehead - June 28

1990s T-shirt giveaway - July 10

Robin Yount Bobblehead - July 12

Christian Yelich 30-SB Bobblehead - July 26

2000s T-shirt giveaway - August 21

Ben Sheets Bobblehead - August 23

2010s T-shirt giveaway -September 4

Ryan Braun Bobblehead - September 6

On Friday, June 26, all 50 years will be celebrated. Mark your calendars for the event.