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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Wasting Christian Yelich’s Prime

This week we talk about the Brewers’ lack of ranked prospects and whether the Brewers are wasting primes

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

The last few weeks of the offseason are prospect-ranking season, and so far the reviews of the Brewers’ farm system have — predictably — not been good.

In this week’s podcast, Ryan Topp, Paul Noonan and myself talk about why the lack of representation on those lists may not be as bad as you’d think, and whether we’ve had enough time to accurately gauge the Stearns Administration’s drafting abilities.

We also touch on whether the Brewers are doing enough to surround Christian Yelich with talent as to not Waste His Prime (echoing the complaints of the Packers wasting Aaron Rodgers’ prime for all those years), and the likelihood of this being Ryan Braun’s last season in Milwaukee.

If you want more in depth conversations about the state of the Brewers’ farm system, you can sign up to be a patron at — “Ball and Glove” and above patrons get the monthly Minor League Extra podcast with our very own Brad Ford. His first podcast came out in the last week and he covers his own personal Top 10 Brewers prospects list, as well as something the Brewers have been doing internationally that may end up turning around the perception of their farm system.

You can listen to this week’s Milwaukee’s Tailgate here, or just about anywhere else you get your podcasts.