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Brew Crew Ball to partner with Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast

We’re teaming up with another group of well-known voices to bring you more Brewers content on additional platforms

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

Brewers news has been a bit slow lately, so allow us to make some of our own.

Starting next week, Brew Crew Ball will be partnering with the Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast, as Brad Ford and I will become weekly contributors with Ryan Topp, as J.P. Breen and Steve Garczynski step away. In effect, I’ll be stepping in for Steve, while Brad will take the reins on minor league coverage. We’ll be joined by Ryan and Paul Noonan (@BadgerNoonan for you Twitter types).

We’ll still be contributing here at BCB on a regular basis, so nothing will change there — but you will start to see links to the podcast posted here every week. If you don’t listen to the podcast right now, we hope that you follow us over. If you already listen, I hope we won’t drive you away.

You can listen to this week’s episode here (or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts) — one last hurrah with the old Bernie’s Crew gang before Brad, Paul and I join in next week.