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Zach Davies says Brewers didn’t use video equipment to steal signs

As more discoveries are made about teams cheating the system, the now-former Brewers pitcher says Milwaukee never electronically stole signs

San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Allegations of digital sign-stealing have dominated a lot of headlines during baseball’s offseason, and they resurfaced again this week with reports that the World Series-winning 2018 Boston Red Sox that won 108 games may have used technology to decipher sign sequences -- after being warned by the league the previous season.

The Brewers are again a part of the conversation, too, although in a different way than they were back in November.

When the topic of digital sign-stealing came up earlier in the offseason with the Houston Astros, the Brewers were casually mentioned by a St. Louis sportswriter as a team that was also suspected of cheating in some way. That claim was strongly refuted by multiple players and other

A couple days after that tweet, Christian Yelich and Yu Darvish got into a Twitter dispute over sign-stealing, with Yelich dropping a “nobody needs help facing you” one-liner on the Cubs right-hander.

Questions about the Brewers and possible sign-stealing have cooled down since then, but with the Red Sox being brought into the conversation, former Red Sox and Brewers third baseman Will Middlebrooks seemed to take the “you can’t blame them for taking advantage of the technology” angle to the argument.

Zach Davies decided to respond to his old teammate, saying the “everyone does it” line doesn’t mesh with what he saw during his years with the Brewers.

While there are almost certainly more teams that looked for that competitive advantage — or at least would say they were just looking to keep up with the real cheaters — it looks like even now-former Brewers are sticking up for the team, saying that didn’t happen despite claims from rivals who have had a hard time winning at Miller Park.