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Milwaukee Brewers will reportedly lose respected front office member Ray Montgomery to Los Angeles Angels

He’s worked in Milwaukee in several roles over a couple of stints covering 14 years.

Ray Montgomery...

The Milwaukee Brewers have done well in retaining their key front office members under the David Stearns regime, giving out promotions and greater job titles to keep what has been a successful decision-making crew relatively intact over the years. But it’s impossible to stave off at least some brain drain forever, and the Brewers are now reportedly set to lose someone who has been instrumental in the team’s run of consecutive postseason appearances.

Montgomery, 51, appeared in parts of three seasons with the Astros from 1996-98 and collected 21 hits in 87 at-bats. After a few seasons in Triple-A he retired in 2001 and began his front office career as a scout with the Brewers in 2002. Montgomery held several different roles with Milwaukee, including rising to assistant scouting director, before leaving to take the scouting director job with Arizona in October of 2010. He returned to Milwaukee in 2014, taking over as scouting director after the passing of Bruce Seid. In 2016, Montgomery was promoted to vice president of scouting and began working more on the Major League roster in Milwaukee. When scouting director Tod Johnson was eventually given the title of vice president - domestic scouting, Montgomery’s title became “Vice President & Special Assistant to the General Manager.”

Montgomery has received consideration for several other front office jobs around the league throughout the years and is well-respected throughout the industry. He has received praise as a very strong addition to the Angels’ new front office under Perry Minasian, and the loss of his voice in the front office could be a big one for the Brewers.