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So Long, Farewell

I’m, sadly, saying goodbye

National League Championship Series Game 6: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers

Hey, Brew Crew Ball fans! How are you? You’re looking good! Those eyebrows are on point.

Me? Yeah, I’m doing well. Anyway...I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be writing for Brew Crew Ball anymore.

Let me assure you, although I’m sad that it’s ending, it’s not for a bad reason. I’ve taken a day job that’ll make it almost impossible for me to fulfill my commitments to the blog. It’s something I’m incredibly excited about and, hopefully, I can share more in the near future.

Although I’m thrilled about this new opportunity, I’m very sad to leave behind the blog. I grew into being a Brewers fan by reading Brew Crew Ball. My mornings started with the Frosty Mugs. When I had the opportunity to write for the site, I was stunned and honored.

I don’t think I did anything special here, but I filled a hole that the community wanted filled. Prospect coverage was pretty lacking in the Brewers community. Now, you have a few options (although, I’d still like to think that I was the best option).

It was also great for me to find a group who cared as much about guys making their pro-debut as I do. We watched prospects grow together, celebrated the successes of Keston Hiura, Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff and others. We also watched a few prospects we loved flame out, but we did it together.

Despite me being disappointed that I’m leaving, you’re sure as heck not missing out on anything. Kyle, Jaymes, JP and David are all exceptionally talented. Their insights are amazing. You’re still in great hands.

Before I go, I want to thank you. That’s not just something I have to say before I go. I truly mean it. Thank you all for making me feel like my words mattered. Thank you all for coming back to the daily prospect update. Thank you for sharing my rabid excitement about players five years away from Triple-A. I’m going to miss writing for this blog, but I’ll still be around. If you need someone to geek out about Hedbert Perez with, I’m only a DM away.