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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Mark Attanasio Has Great Hair

Episode 166: Tender/Non-Tender decisions and worries about the payroll

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

Join Jaymes and Brad from BCB along with Ryan Topp and Paul Noonan every week for the Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast, covering news and notes from the Brewers and random musings on just about everything else.

Now that we’re into December and baseball’s offseason is moving at a glacial pace, it’s time for everyone to start yelling about payroll again. Yay.

The Brewers made some non-tender decisions in the last week, kept a handful of other players, and traded Corey Knebel to the Dodgers at the last second for anything they could get. We talk about those moves this week, as well as players let go by other teams at the non-tender deadline (which former Chicago Cub do YOU want to see on the Brewers?) and owners who are as unpleasant as their name sounds.

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