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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: A Meteor Could Crash Through Brad’s Head

Why does PECOTA hate Keston Hiura, would the Brewers offer Christian Yelich an extension, and why Ron Roenicke could do just fine with another chance

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

After a long winter, we’re finally here — Brewers pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training later this week.

Ahead of the holiday on the baseball calendar, Ryan Topp, Brad Ford and I talk about some of the worrying PECOTA projections for the Brewers — specifically why PECOTA hates Keston Hiura so much — and why the sky may not be falling when it comes to those numbers.

We also talk about why the Mookie Betts situation is different than the one the Brewers may find themselves in in a couple years as Christian Yelich gets closer to free agency, and the odds the Brewers offer an extension.

With news that old friend Ron Roenicke may be getting the Boston managing gig in the wake of their cheating investigation, we also talk about whether Runnin’ Ron should be remembered more fondly in Milwaukee than he is, and whether you can teach an old bunting dog new analytical tricks.

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