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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: High on Smoak

With Spring Training getting underway, we talk about who we’d like to see break out in camp and why arbitration is evil

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers-Workouts Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Pitchers and catchers are already in camp and position players report today. Spring Training and the race for the Cactus Cup is finally here.

As camp gets underway, on this week’s Milwaukee’s Tailgate, Brad Ford, Paul Noonan and I recapped PECOTA’s team projections and why things may work out better than expected for the Brewers, talked about which addition we’re most excited about this year (or not excited about, in the case of Justin Smoak), why Josh Hader lost his arbitration case, and Paul lawyers us on why arbitration is bad and evil, and not just in a baseball context.

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