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Report: Brewers sign Freddy Peralta to long-term extension

The Brewers are buying into the potential of Fastball Freddy

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

From his record-setting big league debut, in which he struck out 13 as a 21-year-old on Mother’s Day, it was clear that Freddy Peralta had the potential to be an impact starter.

While the road since then has been a bit of a roller coaster, it’s clear the Brewers are buying into that potential — and his new slider — by reportedly signing him to a long-term extension.

The negotiatons were first reported by Ken Rosenthal, with Jon Heyman chiming in with the details — at least 5 years and $15.5 million guaranteed, with two additional option years that may bring the total contract to 7 years and $30 million.

It may be #ExtensionSeason in baseball, but anyone who says they would’ve guessed this for Peralta is most likely lying.

As Kyle noted on Twitter, there’s still risk involved here, but there’s still a very good chance this works out in the Brewers’ favor.

Even if Peralta doesn’t become a frontline starter and his development stalls out, $15.5 million over 5 years is not a large amount to pay someone who’s shown flashes of at least being a very good reliever. If he does become a legitimately good starting pitcher, that deal — and the potential for it to become only $30 million over 7 years (when a growing number of starters are makign $30 million per year) — becomes a straight-up steal.

The team has yet to confirm the deal.