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Milwaukee Brewers respond to Molson Coors mass shooting

The team sends their thoughts back home during a trying time for the city

Milwaukee Brewers (via Twitter)

You’d have a hard time finding a professional sports team more closely intertwined with a local business than the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller.

Even with the stadium naming rights deal ending after this season, the two will continue to be virtually synonomous.

That’s why the events of February 26th seem to be striking a chord with so many in the Brewers clubhouse. Since the events unfolded while the team was on the field Wednesday, many of the players and staff didn’t get a chance to digest and react to the news like many others in the Milwaukee community have.

Christian Yelich was one of the first to react on Twitter on Wednesday, posting a “Milwaukee Strong” graphic:

Today, the team took it a step further, with every player in the clubhouse posing with a “Milwaukee Strong” flag.

In his daily chat with reporters, manager Craig Counsell spoke more at length about his reaction, the feeling that he (and society as a whole) needs to do something — and the frustration of not necessarily knowing what that “something” is.

The Brewers haven’t yet announced plans to commemorate the lives lost, whether it’s with uniform patches or something else, but it seems like a safe bet to happen.

(Note: Comments will be left open on this post, but this would not be the proper forum to address gun laws or politics. This will be closely watched.)