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Baseball continues to react to impact of COVID-19

No baseball in Milwaukee or anywhere else for a very long time

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MLB: Spring Training-Milwaukee Brewers at Arizona Diamondbacks The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn Content Services, LLC

COVID-19 has impacted all of us the world over. Whether it be the fear and anxiety that it creates to actually having the virus and dealing with its repercussions. For those that read BCB, one of the great joys in life is watching and cheering for the Milwaukee Brewers. It might just be one of the ways we deal with the stress of our lives as well.

Unfortunately the loss of baseball in Milwaukee and in every other city and region in the country is real. That reality is becoming more and more dire as time passes. The number of announcements concerning COVID-19 and its impact on MLB and MiLB just today are many. Coming out of the commissioner’s office, Rob Manfred posted the following:

From this announcement we know that baseball is not coming back for at least another two months pushing the beginning of baseball season into the second week of May. The commissioner’s office encouraged everyone to go home on Sunday after a New York Yankees minor-leaguer tested positive.

The second week of May might be optimistic. There is speculation that the delay will go well beyond.

David Stearns answered questions about the delay to the season from a Brewers’ perspective earlier this week. His interview can be seen via Adam McCalvy and a breakdown of the particulars of Stearns’ response can also be seen on BCB. Stearns’ comments coincide with the response from MLB and MLBPA.

With schools closing and some areas of the country going on lock down. MLB and MLBPA are donating a substantial sum brought on by the unintended consequences that come from such dire decisions.

To alleviate the financial burden caused to many of the players, an $1,100 stipend is being given to all active players on 40-man rosters. A transaction/signing freeze is currently in negotiation, but nothing concrete yet.

Players that are not on 40-man rosters or who finished on 40-man rosters last year are not getting any relieve unless you count players who are a part of the Tampa Bay Rays. Minor league players in the Rays’ system will get $800 a piece to help with expenses. No other clubs have stepped up to do the same as of yet.

While the Rob Manfred hopes to see an entire schedule played in 2020, getting a 162 game season is unlikely. The fact is no one knows when baseball will return or if it will for the 2020 season. COVID-19 is taking away freedom, well-being, life, and health. Hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball have been outlets in times of stress for many. While not near as important as freedom, well-being, life, and health, COVID-19 has taken sport and most especially Brewers’ baseball away too.

Take care Brewer Nation!


The Brewers have announced the temporary closures of the Tean Store as well as the Restaurant To Be Named Later.