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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: FTC (AATC)

A draft of the things we love to hate the most about the Brewers’ rivals

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

What’s the single most annoying thing you can think of about the Chicago Cubs? Or the St. Louis Cardinals? Or even the Pittsburgh Pirates?

With no real baseball news to talk about, the Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast crew did something a little different this week — holding a draft of the things we love to hate about the Brewers’ rivals.

There’s plenty to pick from, of course. Take a listen and feel free to list your favorite things to hate below.

(A full disclaimer to fans of those teams — this was done in fun and there are surely plenty of unlikeable things about the Brewers. We know.)

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You can listen to this week’s Milwaukee’s Tailgate here, the Spotify embed below, or just about anywhere else you get your podcasts. If you do listen, please consider leaving a rating and review.