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Virtual Opening Day Thread: Chicago Cubs @ Milwaukee Brewers

There’s no real baseball today, so let’s use MLB The Show 20 see how Opening Day would turn out

Today was supposed to be Opening Day.

While Wisconsin (and much of the country) is under orders to stay home if they can, we figured we’d still try to bring you some baseball entertainment today. We’ll be simulating what would’ve been today’s Opening Day matchup between the Cubs and the Brewers at Miller Park using MLB The Show 20.

A live stream will be added below once I go live at 1:10 p.m. Central time.

I won’t be controlling either of the teams — we’ll let the computer play it out and make the lineup decisions, and we’ll see what happens as it all unfolds. Feel free to comment below as if it was a “real” game thread.

Using the game’s current rosters, it appears the Cubs will be starting Kyle Hendricks over Yu Darvish, while the Brewers will be starting Brandon Woodruff.

Lineups for Virtual Opening Day

Hopefully this is fun.

Watch along on Twitch here: