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Milwaukee Brewers players react to Christian Yelich’s contract extension

Perhaps predictability, Christian Yelich’s teammates are pretty pumped about the news

Wild Card Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

With news of Christian Yelich’s extension with the Milwaukee Brewers breaking late in the day Tuesday after many players had already finished their work for the day, we’re hearing their reaction to the news today.

It’s probably not a surprise that they all seem to be pretty pumped — not only to keep one of the game’s best players around, but happy for Yelich the person as well.

Lorenzo Cain and Yelich famously came in on the same day, with Cain’s return to Milwaukee being announced just minutes apart from the announcement of the Yelich trade. Cain says Yelich most definitely deserves the new contract, and both Yelich and the fans come out winners.

Brent Suter called Yelich the face of the franchise and thought something might be coming due to clubhouse rumors, but still celebrating by jumping up and fist-pumping.

Josh Hader, whose contract situation with the Brewers didn’t seem to end as happily this offseason, called the news awesome and called Yelich “the best player I’ve ever seen.”

Manager Craig Counsell says Yelich has made the best of the trade to Milwaukee and isn’t surprised he grew to love the city and the fans.

Brett Anderson, who was scratched from his scheduled start on Tuesday due to flu-like symptoms, had a different perspective.

We haven’t heard from Yelich himself yet, but that is likely coming with the formal announcement expected to take place on Friday.