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Sweet 16, Region 2: Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade Bracket

Favorites have dominated in the opening two rounds of the Gagne Region.

Milwaukee Brewers v Minnesota Twins
Oliver Drake’s most memorable moment is his balk that scored the winning run in a 2017 Brewers’ loss.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Over to the Gagne Region where you find all top-4 seeds alive in the Sweet 16 in the “Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade” tournament. In fact, only 1 lower seed has one a contest in this region out of the 12 games thus far.

The two highest-seeded men here – Shaun Marcum (1) and Ken Macha (2) – each earned 80% or more of the vote in round 2 and appear to be on a collision course in the Elite 8. Stranger things have happened, but you have to believe Vegas would instill them as heavy favorites again.

Does anyone really believe that frustrating, jettisoned relief pitchers Oliver Drake or Jacob Barnes have what it takes to shock the world with an upset? Most analysts don’t see it happening, but that is why you play the game (or, you know, collect the votes).

Take a look at the pair of matchups in the Gagne Region below and vote on your least liked Brewers to advance to the Elite 8. Who gets to play on the second weekend of the tournament?

It’s looking like a 1 vs. 2 battle is on the horizon, unless one of the relievers can step up.

#1 Shaun Marcum vs. #4 Oliver Drake

Marcum was an easy winner over the more likeable Jesus Aguilar. However, some pundits continue to defend Marcum, saying he has gotten too much of the blame and didn’t deserve the 1-seed for his overall resume with the Brewers. While true, he still may be VERY disliked for the 2011 NLCS.

Now he takes on Drake (not that one) after the 4-seed manhandled 5th-seeded Taylor Williams. Perhaps the frustrating reliever has just enough haters to knock Marcum off the hill. Voting could come down to younger fans versus older fans or perhaps just a gut feeling when fans see the name “Marcum” or “Drake.”


Sweet 16, Gagne Region: Who do you like least?

This poll is closed

  • 40%
    #1 Shaun Marcum
    (415 votes)
  • 59%
    #4 Oliver Drake
    (620 votes)
1035 votes total Vote Now

#2 Ken Macha vs. #3 Jacob Barnes

Some thought 10-seed Tyler Cravy would put up a bit of a fight against Macha, but the 2-seed ran away with the round 2 victory. Macha continues do display a well-rounded game in the tournament, encouraging analysts to peg him as the Final Four frontrunner out of the Gagne Region.

If Cravy couldn’t keep up with the despised manager, it’s tough to see Barnes faring much better. While Barnes was involved in many more important games and had a greater impact, it remains to be seen if he has enough juice to reach the Elite 8 over the oft-criticized Macha.


Sweet 16, Gagne Region: Who do you like least?

This poll is closed

  • 77%
    #2 Ken Macha
    (808 votes)
  • 22%
    #3 Jacob Barnes
    (231 votes)
1039 votes total Vote Now

Get in your votes for the Gagne Region to get the matchups you want. The Final Four is right around the corner, but Elite 8 spots are on the line first.