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Championship: Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade Bracket

We have made it from 64 Brewers of varying likability down to the final pair.

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Seven
The bunting is up at Miller Park as the fans cheer for their (least) favorite to win.

It’s been a long journey for these Milwaukee Brewers, some of whom began this trek back in 2010. That brings us to this day when you - the fans, the voters - decide which man wears the crown among the “Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade.”

We all hope the title bout brings more drama and excitement to it than the Final Four produced. The most interesting part of those outcomes lie in the fact that both lower-seeded competitors came away with a victory.

On the left side of the bracket, 1st-seeded Yuniesky Betancourt coasted through the Sheffield Region to reach the Final Four. Fortunately for the Yuni B. fan club, he ran into a buzz saw. Ken Macha, the 2nd-seed out of the Gagne Region, took control of the contest and put Betancourt to sleep. Perhaps the drum beating for Betancourt’s positive contributions to the great 2011 team had a strong influence as well.

Macha’s consistent stare, lack of movement, and perpetual droning was too much for Yuni B. to handle in a 68%-32% drubbing. Macha simply waited him out, knowing full well Betancourt didn’t have the patience to wait for his “pitch.” Like many-a-baseball, the title game was just out of his reach as he clanked away his best chances.

The other half of the Final Four produced another upset and by a wider margin. It was the hot hand of Jonathan Schoop, 4th-seed out of the Suppan Region, who rode Mr. Momentum - aka recency bias - right into the championship with a 72%-28% rout. Wily Peralta, the 2-seed from the Hammonds Region, wasn’t ready for Schoop’s impressive negative impact in so little time.

Many recognized Peralta’s strength in this tournament was his drawn out ability to slowly decline and reach the polar opposite of his potential. However, there appeared to be a growing sense among analysts that he “wasn’t as bad as some thought” and that Schoop just drove people more nuts. No matter the reason, it was Schoop coming out on top.

That sets up the championship match of the “Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade” tournament bracket. The votes are all that matters at this point!

Only one more blank to fill in...


#2 Ken Macha (Gagne Region) vs. #4 Jonathan Schoop (Suppan Region)

It all comes down to this. Both men earned their way into the final contest, laying waste to their competition. There are no secrets at this point.

Macha is the tactical wizard and personable leader who sunk his own powerful ship in Milwaukee. He did it with unabashed confidence to boot. It was a regrettable time that has clearly not been forgotten.

Schoop came to the Brew Crew with supposedly big bat and expectations of pushing the team into the Promised Land. Instead, he played the role of disgruntled, ineffective afterthought who left such a sour taste in fans’ mouths that he his 46 games with the Brewers took down years of futility other men had created.

It’s up to you now. May the best (or worst?) man win!


Championship Game: Who do you like least?

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  • 54%
    #2 Ken Macha
    (545 votes)
  • 45%
    #4 Jonathan Schoop
    (452 votes)
997 votes total Vote Now
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