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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Who’s On The Royals Anyway?

Thoughts on a short season in Arizona with an interesting realignment proposal, Randy Johnson and Josh Hader, and a game of Name That Brewer

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

Baseball doesn’t appear to be any closer to returning, but one of the ideas pitched in the last week included a pretty unique realignment proposal.

This week, Ryan Topp, Paul Noonan, Brad Ford and myself give our thoughts on that plan, play a game of “Guess That Brewer,” and answer listener questions.

We also announced our attempt to do something good during these tough times — if you’re able, we’re asking folks to make a donation to their local food pantry. Send us proof of the donation and we’ll match it up to $25 with a total donation of up to $500 to the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee. We realize times are tough for a lot of people right now, so if you aren’t able to give, we understand — but every small amount matters and will be matched.

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You can listen to this week’s Milwaukee’s Tailgate here, the Spotify embed below, or just about anywhere else you get your podcasts. If you do listen, please consider leaving a rating and review.