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Milwaukee Brewers are favorites to sign MLB Pipeline’s #16 international prospect

Milwaukee will likely lock up a Venezuelan shortstop on July 2

MLB: APR 13 Brewers at Dodgers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers are the favorites to sign the 16th prospect on MLB Pipeline's top-30 international free agents.

According to the list, the Brewers will ink shortstop Jackson Chourio on July 2. Chourio turned 16 on March 11, the minimum age to ink an International Free Agent deal.

MLB teams aren’t allowed to negotiate with International Free Agents until July 2; however, baseball has turned a blind eye to teams scooping up free agents on handshake deals at younger ages.

Pipeline’s Scouting Grades: Hit: 55 || Power: 55 || Run: 50 || Arm: 55 || Field: 50

Chourio’s offense is currently the strong part of his game, but his defense is nothing to scoff at. Pipeline believes that Chourio will stick at shortstop or head to center, but will be a quality defender in both positions. He already shows good power and advanced hitting mechanics that allow him to control the zone and put backspin on the ball.

Because he’s only 16, Chourio could end up bulking up a lot as he ages, which would slow him down. If that’s the case, Pipeline assures us that he has the tools to play third or a corner outfield spot.