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Fox Sports Wisconsin announces May schedule for Brewers Classics

Ben Sheets’ 18 strikeouts, Rickie and Prince’s first home runs, and more late-season thrillers fill out the first half of May

Astros v Brewers

With no current Milwaukee Brewers games to show, Fox Sports Wisconsin has been doing what a lot of other networks who would otherwise be showing games every night are doing — airing memorable games from years past that some fans may only have hazy memories of (or may have been too young to ever see before).

In April, that meant a lot of showing the no-hitter that Bill Schroeder caught, the good games from the 1982 World Series, the 1982 ALCS, the NL 2011 Central division clincher, and Josh Hader’s record-setting appearance against the Cincinnati Reds.

With April winding down and current baseball still at least a month or two away, FS Wisconsin is releasing its schedule for the next month, and there are some exciting additions that haven’t been widely available before.

The schedule includes:

  • May 2nd: The 1975 All-Star Game at County Stadium
  • May 4th: Ben Sheets’ record-setting 18-strikeout game against the Atlanta Braves
  • May 6th: CC Sabathia’s no-hitter against Pittsbugh (mistakenly labeled as a one-hitter in FS Wisconsin’s schedule)
  • May 8th: Ryan Braun’s 8th inning home run against the Cubs to help clinch the 2008 Wildcard
  • May 10th: Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder both hitting their first career home runs in the same game (including the line Daron Sutton definitely practiced beforehand)
  • May 12th: 2011 NLDS Game 5
  • May 14th: Brewers beat the Orioles to win the 1982 AL East
  • May 16th: Brewers sweep the Cardinals in St. Louis to clinch a 2018 playoff berth

The schedule for the second half of May will be announced later in the month.

Which game are you most excited to see?