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Sweet 16, Region 4: Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade Bracket

All the “favorites” held serve in the Suppan Region and set their eyes on the Elite 8.

San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers
Schoop’s time in Milwaukee was rather forgettable - save for a couple of memorable hits.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It’s the fourth and final foursome in the Sweet 16 with these Milwaukee Brewers looking to make it to the Elite 8 in the Jeff Suppan Region. Some could argue 3 of the 4 remaining guys could potentially win the title in the “Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade” bracket.

Like the Gagne Region, the 4 top seeds are all still alive, though some voting shenanigans nearly claimed Matt Garza, the top seed in the Suppan Region. It appeared some people were stuffing the ballot box for 9th-seeded Junior Guerra (there are theories). However, it appeared the voting public recognized the odd voting pattern and gave Garza a 52%-48% walk-off victory.

The rest of the contests were blowouts with 4-seed Jonathan Schoop getting 89% of the vote over Mat Gamel (11-seed) and 2nd-seeded Manny Parra destroying 7th-seeded Khris Davis 80%-20%. This may have made 2020 Parra’s best year as a Brewer (ok, maybe a low blow).

Many thought the 3 vs. 11 matchup would have more drama with the underdog Travis Shaw seemingly drawing more ire from the fanbase than Logan Schafer. But it appears the fans were all about defending Shaw and his two big seasons for the Brewers.

So with that, two more big battles in the Suppan Region on their way to a an Elite 8 berth. Your votes – hopefully honest, sincere votes – will determine who sits just one win shy of a Final Four.

Two pitchers appropriately still in the running to come out of the Suppan Region.

#1 Matt Garza vs. #4 Jonathan Schoop

While Guerra’s threat to Garza was a bit artificial, Schoop legitimately poses a serious threat to Garza’s run for a title. The debate will likely be centered around the impact Schoop had based on his short time in Milwaukee – versus Garza’s longer-term issues while making a hefty salary.

This battle – maybe more than any other in the bracket – might go solely on “feel” for the fans, instead of analytically breaking them down. There isn’t a rule that determines how one should vote, so Garza v. Schoop could be a “fun” one.


Suppan Region, Sweet 16: Who do you like least?

This poll is closed

  • 43%
    #1 Matt Garza
    (608 votes)
  • 56%
    #4 Jonathan Schoop
    (803 votes)
1411 votes total Vote Now

#2 Manny Parra vs. #3 Logan Schafer

At a glance, Parra looks to have a sizable upper hand in this one. Schafer’s blowout win over Shaw was somewhat surprising, but I’m guessing many more fans have positive memories of Shaw compared to Parra. How much will that play a factor with an Elite 8 appearances on the line?

On the flip side, Parra had a lot more fans in his corner; some would even say he was one of their favorites back in the day, especially when he was full of promise. Most probably saw Schafer as a potential “decent contributor,” but not much beyond that. Will that sway the voting one way or the other? We’ll soon find out.


Suppan Region, Sweet 16: Who do you like least?

This poll is closed

  • 50%
    #2 Manny Parra
    (697 votes)
  • 49%
    #3 Logan Schafer
    (688 votes)
1385 votes total Vote Now

Once voting wraps up in the Suppon Region, we’ll have our Elite 8 in the “Least Liked Brewers of the Last Decade” bracket. The biggest slug fests are yet to come! And you can check out he whole bracket below as it stood entering the Sweet 16.

It’s all coming together...