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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Thoughts on the MLB owners’ revenue proposal

Just because you don’t call it a salary cap doesn’t mean it’s not a salary cap

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

The national headlines have more or less been reading “BASEBALL IS CLOSE TO RETURNING” — but is it, really? Or does the MLB owners’ proposal to ask for more concessions from the players — potentially laying the groundwork for another ugly labor fight — actually take us further away from seeing our favorite game this year?

And how much of that is the owners’ actual plan?

Paul Noonan, Ryan Topp and I tackle those questions — and all of the health concerns the owners didn’t touch in their money-centric proposal — in this week’s Milwaukee’s Tailgate podcast.

You can get question priority in next week’s podcast and get access to the Minor League Extra podcast with Ryan Topp and BCB’s Brad Ford by becoming a patron at This week, they’ll be taking a deeper dive into the 2020 draft being cut to 5 rounds and what it means for minor league systems like the Brewers’ and the future of amateur baseball.

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