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Sign of hope? Brewers opening up Arizona facility for individualized player workouts

It’s a small step isolated to a few players, but it looks like the Brewers are getting ready to move into the “pre-spring” phase of getting players ready to return

MLB Considers Arizona Minor League Stadiums For Possible 2020 Season Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As owners and players continue to negotiate the terms of a return to baseball — and we brace for the reaction to the owners’ economic proposal coming next week — there is at least some promising news when it comes to the game coming back.

Like a lot of businesses are starting to do, it looks like the Brewers are offering a scaled-back re-opening for their players looking to get ready for whatever a 2020 season ends up being. Adam McCalvy says the team is opening the doors to its Arizona training facility for individual workouts for players who are already in the Phoenix area.

In “normal world” terms, we could maybe look at this like players showing up to the complex for individual work over the winter ahead of spring training. It makes sense for some of the guys — especially the pitchers — to get some of that work in before “Spring Training 2” starts (ideally in a couple weeks in mid-June).

It’s not a lot to get excited about — especially with so many details for the union to figure out with the league — but at the very least it’s nice to hear about baseball players starting to do baseball things, instead of getting just getting towel drills to do through Zoom meetings.