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Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Pennsylvania Is A Dumb State

This week, we talk MLB’s latest realignment proposal and the possibility of “real” realignment in the future

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast

The latest proposal we’ve seen for baseball in 2020 would have teams possibly playing in their home parks while the league seems to embrace its regional nature.

We talk about what needs to happen before we see baseball in a month or two, whether radical realignment could be around to stay in the near future, and how the Brewers would fare in their proposed 10-team Central Division.

You can get question priority in next week’s podcast and get access to the Minor League Extra podcast with Ryan Topp and BCB’s Brad Ford by becoming a patron at This week, they’ll be talking to a Brewers minor leaguer and recent draftee about what the future holds for him with the minor league season in doubt.

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