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MLB to make proposal of shortrned season with prorated salaries to MLBPA, per report

ESPN has reports on the latest deal being concocted by Major League Baseball

An official Rawlings Major League Baseball for the 2020 Major League Baseball season. Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

The MLB owners have already concocted a new plan to offer the MLB Players’ Association according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Passan states that the new proposal includes a 50- to 60-game season with fully prorated salaries for the players. The exact number of games is still up for consideration, but it would put a return to baseball in July. There is no information on how this would handle the postseason or players who are at higher risk to coronavirus.

According to Passan, MLB and the owners believe the late-March agreement gives it the right so mandate a shorted season. If a deal isn’t agreed upon, they could mandate a shorter season based on the previous terms.

Last night, the MLBPA submitted their proposal, which would have a 114-game season starting on June 30. It included salary deferrals and protections for players.