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Milwaukee Brewers 2020 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

Find all of the details on the Brewers 2020 draft class here!

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Previews Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The 2020 MLB Draft will be radically different from any previous year. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic putting both Major and Minor League Baseball on an indefinite hold, the draft has been shortened significantly. Last year, the Milwaukee Brewers made 40 selections in the standard 40-round draft. This summer, however, there will only be five rounds (along with the competitive balance picks). In addition, next year’s 2021 MLB Draft will be only 20 rounds; with minor league contraction looming, it is generally assumed that 20 rounds or so will be the extent of the draft going forward.

The Brewers will make five selections in this week’s MLB Draft. We will keep track of all of those picks, as well as if they signed and their bonus if they signed, on this page. You can bookmark this page and check back regularly as the signings continue. Any time we update this page with a signing, we will also note it in the comments below. If you find information about a player that signed, also post it in the comments below along with a source and we will verify it and add it to the table as well.

2020 Milwaukee Brewers MLB Draft Results

Player Round Overall Pick HS/College Slot Value Signed Signing Bonus Notes
Player Round Overall Pick HS/College Slot Value Signed Signing Bonus Notes
Garrett Mitchell 1 20 UCLA (Jr) $3,242,900 Yes $3,242,900 Twitter
Freddy Zamora 2 53 University of Miami (Jr) $1,370,400 Yes $1,150,000 Twitter
Zavier Warren 3 92 Central Michigan (Jr) $637,600 Yes $575,000 Twitter
Joey Wiemer 4 121 Cincinnati (Jr) $473,700 Yes $125,000 Twitter
Hayden Cantrelle 5 151 Louisiana-Lafayette (Jr) $353,700 Yes $300,000 Twitter
Total: $6,078,300 $5,392,900

Note: The Brewers were originally awarded the 64th overall pick in Competitive Balance Round B, but dealt that selection (and the accompanying $1,050,300 slot value) to the Mariners as part of the Omar Narvaez trade.

2020 UDFA Signings

Player School Link Notes
Player School Link Notes
Drew Smith GCU Twitter Baseball America Top 500: #308
TJ Shook University of South Carolina Twitter
Jason Munsch Concordia (Nebraska NAIA) Twitter
Brandon Knarr University of Tampa Twitter
Noah Campbell University of South Carolina Twitter Baseball America Top 500: #328
Evan Reifert Central Missouri Local paper

Draft bonus slots were frozen for 2020 and 2021, meaning that the slot values assigned to the specific picks this year and next year are the same values that were assigned in 2019. As an additional cost-cutting measure, only a maximum of $100K will be paid out to any draftee up front this year, with the remaining bonus money able to be deferred to 2021 and 2022. Finally, a team can sign as many passed over players as they’d like following a two-day “quiet period” after the draft, but those players can only receive a maximum bonus of $20K (a rule that many in the industry expect MLB to strictly enforce).

The Brewers have the 22nd-largest bonus pool in available in MLB this year, and if the club exceeds that amount, they will face a penalty. Below are the potential overage amounts and attached penalties for the Brewers this year. In the years since the bonus pools and overage penalties were instituted, teams regularly exceed their allotment and go into the overages. Last season, 21 of 30 teams went over their bonus pool. However, no team under the current system has exceeded the 5% threshold.

2020 Milwaukee Brewers MLB Draft Overage Penalties

Overage Max Spending Penalty
Overage Max Spending Penalty
0% $6,078,300 None
Up to 5% $6,382,215 75% tax on overage
Up to 10% $6,686,130 75% tax on overage and forfeit 2021 1st round pick
Up to 15% $6,990,045 100% tax on overage and forfeit 2021 first round pick and 2022 second round pick
Over 15% N/A 100% tax on overage and forfeit 2021 and 2022 first round pick