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10 ways to set the 2021 MLB Draft order without baseball

If there’s no season, who’s getting the picks?

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

It looks like we’re going to get Major League Baseball games in 2020, but we’re not out of the woods yet. The owners and players still need to agree on the health and safety aspect of a season. Considering they can’t seem to agree on anything, the season might still be a long shot.

If the season’s toast, what does MLB use to determine the order for the 2021 MLB Draft? Rolling over the draft order seems too easy. Plus, who wants to see the Detroit Tigers get Kumar Rocker? To help solve this conundrum, I’ve put together some ideas to help solve this conundrum in a more fair way.

#1. The Dibs System.

I dibs the first overall pick of the 2021 MLB Draft for the Milwaukee Brewers. Fair and square.

#2. A Home Run Derby with Team Hall of Famers

Each team picks one person from their team’s Hall of Fame/Wall of Honor or something similar to represent their franchise. The Brewers would obviously select Prince Fielder, who could probably still hit a few out despite the neck.

#3. Trivia Contest

One player from each team’s 40-man roster will represent the franchise. They will be face an actual Jeopardy tournament, broadcast live on national TV. It will not include any sports questions. The Brewers will select Harvard alumnus Brent Suter to represent the org.

#4. High-Stakes Poker

The general managers of ever club play a high-stakes poker game. It will follow World Poker Championship rules.

#5. A Relay Race

All signed 2020 draftees are eligible for this one. Teams must be able to send at least four players in January. The Astros are disqualified for not having enough players to run. The Brewers send Garrett Mitchell as their closer, with Hayden Cantrelle, Joey Wiemer and Zavier Warren being pretty good runners in their own right.

#6. A Front Office Softball Tournament

Played with the World Cup tournament rules, the nerds in the front office will have to get down and dirty on the diamond if they want to win their first round pick. Considering some front offices have more players, the Brewers might not be in a good spot here, although the Brewers’ front office is probably one of the youngest.

#7. Hands On Kumar

All the executives start with a hand on Kumar Rocker. If your hand comes all the way off Kumar, you’re eliminated. The last org with a hand on him wins.


All of the MLB scouting directors will compete in a game of HORSE. It’s simple enough.

#9. Greatest Race Event

MLB GMs and assistant GMs drive the country completing different challenges.

#10. Fight Club

It’s the MLB owners. Last man standing wins. The only issue is that they couldn’t tell anyone about it.

I already locked up the first round pick, so I guess the other teams can deal. Congrats, Brewers fans!