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Report: Rob Manfred and Tony Clark hold meeting, new proposal sent to players including full prorated pay and expanded playoffs

After a few days of pessimism after the last failed proposal, optimism is back up after a meeting between Manfred and Clark and a new deal being offered.

World Baseball Classic - Championship Round - Game 3 - USA v Puerto Rico

The last few days have been very pessimistic for many, as the chances of a season happening seemed to decline. Rob Manfred said in an interview that he was no longer confident that a season would happen. Reports also came out that several owners did not want a season at all. The players united behind a simple message: “Tell us when and where.” They were done negotiating after repeated deals barely changed what they would be earning at all.

Today, the mood got more positive as both sides took steps forward to get a deal in place. It started earlier today, as commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA chief Tony Clark met in Arizona.

Following the meeting, the reports came out that a new deal had been proposed. Though it hasn’t been agreed to yet, it’s seen as a positive development after the last few days. The deal does include full prorated pay and expanded playoffs.

Some sources are more excited and positive than others, but the general feeling now is much more positive that a season will occur and a deal is closer than it has been in the past few offers. One big stumbling block that may have been avoided is the possibility of a grievance. The players had threatened to file a grievance even if a season is played, but avoiding the possibility of a grievance made some owners more willing to deal.

There’s still a lot of work that needs to happen for a deal to come together. Many issues will need to be ironed out, such as the number of games, player safety with the ongoing pandemic, etc. However, there is at least a more positive feeling going on now.

At the same time, the MLBPA doesn’t want hope to build too much just yet. They came out and said that reports of an agreement are false. While they did deny an agreement has been made, they didn’t say anything else, so the talks could be ongoing. Bill Shakin adds in that the MLBPA hasn’t waived their right to grieve yet, but could as part of an agreement.

Some details of the deal have also come out. Bob Nightengale reports that it’s for a 60-game season with full prorated pay, though the players want a longer season. It would also include a 16-team playoff.

For now, the situation is moving quickly and there is at least hope building that a season could come together. How much hope there is depends on which source you talk to right now, but at least the talk has begun again. Will this lead to a deal to get the season going again? It’s still uncertain, but at least it’s looking better than it did to start the week.