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MLBPA counters owners’ proposal with one of their own, per report

The players’ association has countered the owners’ proposal with one of their own.

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Yesterday, optimism built again towards a 2020 season following a meeting between Rob Manfred and Tony Clark. Following the meeting came a new proposal from the owners that gave the players the full salaries they wanted, plus expanded playoffs and other additions. While it was a big step in the right direction, many began containing the excitement a bit since the players still needed to discuss this as well.

The players have now come up with a counter-proposal, per Jeff Passan. This includes a 70-game season, as well as playoff bonuses & revenue splits, as well as forgiving a salary advance for certain players.

While it’s another proposal to consider, it’s still optimistic that both sides are talking. The deals appear to be much closer than they were prior to the meeting, which is a good sign. Joel Sherman notes that there’s still quite a distance to cover between the deals, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

In addition, some new details are coming out in regards to other potential additions to a deal in the upcoming season:

There’s still a lot to figure out leading up to a deal for the season, but the situation feels much better than where it was around 24 hours ago. The negotiations now seem to be more based around nailing down the exact numbers. While this is not insignificant (each additional game played is another $25 million in salaries for the players), it’s an improvement and the sides are talking again. However, according to Bob Nightengale, a few owners are “livid” about the counter-proposal.

Of course, a lot of this is just posturing on both sides, trying to push the limits of what they can get before agreeing to a compromise. Both sides will end up giving up something that they wanted and won’t be happy about it. However, that’s just the general nature of how they work. Each side will figure for what they want the most and potentially give in on other points. For now, they’re talking, and that’s a good sign for everyone.