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FanGraphs releases updated top-35 prospects list for Milwaukee Brewers

Nothing like an early-June prospect update to get your baseball fix!

USA Baseball 18U National Team Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Getty Images

The incredible baseball minds over at FanGraphs have released their latest update to the Milwaukee Brewers farm system! In all, Eric Longenhagen ranks 35 of the best prospects Milwaukee has to offer.

  1. Bryce Turang, SS (50 Future Value)
  2. Mario Feliciano, C (45+ FV)
  3. Tristen Lutz, RF (45+ FV)
  4. Ethan Small, LHP (45 FV)
  5. Aaron Ashby, LHP (40+ FV)
  6. Antoine Kelly, LHP (40+ FV)
  7. Max Lazar, RHP (40+ FV)
  8. Eduardo Garcia, SS (40+ FV)
  9. Corey Ray, CF (40+ FV)
  10. Hedbert Perez, OF (40+ FV)
  11. Drew Rasmussen, RHP (40 FV)
  12. Zack Brown, RHP (40 FV)
  13. Joe Gray, CF (40 FV)
  14. Alec Bettinger, RHP (40 FV)
  15. Clayton Andrews, LHP/CF (40 FV)
  16. Carlos Rodriguez, CF (40 FV)
  17. Dylan File, RHP (40 FV)
  18. Payton Henry, C (40 FV)
  19. Thomas Dillard, 1B (40 FV)
  20. Devin Williams, RHP (40 FV)
  21. David Hamilton, SS (40 FV)
  22. Victor Castaneda, RHP (40 FV)
  23. Nick Kahle, C (40 FV)
  24. David Fry, C (40 FV)
  25. Trey Supak, RHP (40 FV)
  26. Micah Bello, CF (40 FV)
  27. Korry Howell, CF (40 FV)
  28. Tyrone Taylor, CF (35+ FV)
  29. Angel Perdomo, LHP (35+ FV)
  30. Nick Bennett, LHP (35+ FV)
  31. Je’Von Ward, RF (35+ FV)
  32. Alexis Ramirez, RHP (35+ FV)
  33. Pablo Abreu, CF (35+ FV)
  34. Braden Webb, RHP (35+ FV)
  35. Cam Robinson, RHP (35+ FV)

The system based on that is in a rough shape. Before the team became competitive, 50 Future Value players — those projected as average MLB regulars — would run through the top 20s. Now, the system has one on Longenhagen’s list. Despite that, the trade off is having a competitive team, which I believe most fans will take.

Longenhagen does leave the door open for some promising projections of the prospects on the list. There are a bevy of young players, especially the teenage prospects that have been secured on the international free agent market in the last few years. As those players continue to get professional experience and fill out their bodies, future breakout performances and moves up the list and in FV are very possible. Only time will tell with this list of prospects.